Modeling Interiors in 3ds Max


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    Modeling Interiors in 3ds Max

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    Digital Tutors - Modeling Interiors in 3ds Max

    Digital Tutors - Modeling Interiors in 3ds Max | 1.7Gb

    Learn a production workflow to interior set modeling and time-saving techniques that can be used in Film, Games, and Architectural Visualizations. Contains 5.5 hours of project-based training. Perfect for intermediate artists.

    Popular highlights include:
    AEC Walls
    AEC Foliage
    Parametric Doors
    Parametric Windows
    Parametric Stairs
    Customizing Parametric Objects
    Editing Parametric Objects
    Creating Complex Shapes with Splines
    Using Booleans on Geometry and Splines
    Inserting Edge Loops with Connect
    Drawing Geometry with Cut Tool
    Cloning Geometry, Shapes, and Sub-objects
    Adding Thickness with Shell Modifier
    Lattice Modifier
    Adding Surface Detail with Paint Deformation
    Working with Primitives
    Sweep Modifier
    Sections with Sweep Modifier
    Rendering Splines
    Adding Resolution to Spline Segments
    Editing Splines
    Extracting Splines with Section
    Converting Edge Selections to Splines
    Using Extrude, Bevel, and Inset
    Linking Objects Together
    Noise Modifier
    Attaching and Detaching Splines and Geometry
    Modifier Stack
    Instancing Geometry
    Lathe Modifier
    Adding Thickness to Splines with Modifiers
    Working with Groups

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    رد: Modeling Interiors in 3ds Max

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