Cartoon Smart - After Effects: Expressions



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    Cartoon Smart - After Effects: Expressions

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    Cartoon Smart - After Effects: Expressions | 282.6 MB
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    After Effects Expressions Tutorial. Use Simple Code in After Effects to Create Various Animated FX:
    This tutorial will give you a comprehensive understanding of using expressions in After Effects. Expressions are code applied to a Layer that can simplify animating by using math to transform a property or by connecting the transformations of one object to another.

    You don't need any prior coding knowledge to take this course. Most expression code is one line, and after you learn the basic structure, writing lines from scratch will become obvious. Plus After Effects has an amazing tool to use the mouse to connect layers together which will write the Expression for you.
    By the end of this course, you should be comfortable writing expressions for any number of uses.
    The course focuses on creating a caleidoscope effect, but the code you learn can be used for anything.

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