Pipeline Integration with Maya and ZBrush 3


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    Pipeline Integration with Maya and ZBrush 3

    مُساهمة  saleh في الثلاثاء ديسمبر 29, 2009 12:49 am

    Digital Tutors - Pipeline Integration with Maya and ZBrush 3

    An in-depth guide to incorporating ZBrush 3 and Maya for optimal results

    Software Requirement: Maya 8.5 or higher, ZBrush 3
    Run Time: 3 hrs. 53 min.

    Learn a production approach to integrating Maya and ZBrush 3 in a mixed pipeline environment.

    Contains 4 hours of innovative modeling, sculpting, and map generating techniques that are commonly used throughout Film and Games. Perfect for intermediate artists using Maya and ZBrush 3.

    Popular highlights include:
    ZBrush Sculpting Workflow
    Maya and ZBrush Pipeline Overview
    Form Development in Maya
    Maintaining Mesh Integrity
    Sculpting Across Multiple Levels
    Incorporating 3D Layers for Variation
    Working with Subtools
    Extracting Geometry
    Low Poly Modeling in Maya
    Creating Clean Topology
    Geometry Preparation for ZBrush
    Importing Geometry into ZBrush
    Using Alphas and Strokes
    Using Custom Alphas
    Creating Displacement Maps in ZBrush
    Applying Displacement Maps in Maya
    Setting up Render-time Subdivisions
    Adjusting Displacement Settings
    Using Projection Master
    Using Lazy Mouse for Hair Detail

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    رد: Pipeline Integration with Maya and ZBrush 3

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