Aging Characters in Zbrush


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    Aging Characters in Zbrush

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    Aging Characters in Zbrush

    Digital Tutors-Aging Characters in Zbrush | 200 Mb
    In this course we will learn multiple techniques for adding age to your characters in ZBrush.
    In this course we’ll learn how to use the sculpting tools in ZBrush to advance the age of our characters while retaining their identities. The human body changes a great deal as it ages and with ZBrush, we can do quite a bit to replicate those changes in a character sculpt. We’ll cover some large scale changes to the face and simulate some of the effects of aging, including the loss of bone and fatty tissue. We’ll also simulate the effects of gravity on the skin by modifying the skin with wrinkles and other aging marks to illustrate the wear and dry nature of the skin.

    الروابط: DTAZ.part1.rar DTAZ.part2.rar

    او DTAZ.part1.rar.html DTAZ.part2.rar.html

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    رد: Aging Characters in Zbrush

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