Body Mechanics and Animation in Maya Pulling


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    Body Mechanics and Animation in Maya Pulling

    مُساهمة  saleh في الإثنين ديسمبر 28, 2009 11:17 pm

    Digital Tutors Body Mechanics and Animation in Maya Pulling


    Easily learn proper body mechanics for creating believable animations with over 5 hours of project-based training developed specifically for character animation and body mechanics. Perfect for intermediate artists.

    Popular highlights include:
    * Body Mechanics Overview of Pulling Objects
    * Driving Force Through Upper-body Animation
    * Compensating Body Motion for Mass of Objects
    * Animating Believable Weight and Tension
    * Utilizing Storyboards for Pre-vis
    * Backwards Locomotion
    * Adjusting Performance Through Timing & Spacing
    * Roughing-in Animation Through Blocking
    * Adding Follow-through, Arcs, and Overlapping
    * Exaggerating Poses for Dynamic Movement
    * Adjusting Keyframes in Graph Editor
    * Understanding Weighted Tangency & Free Tangent Weights
    * Optimizing Workflow with Character Sets

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    رد: Body Mechanics and Animation in Maya Pulling

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