SimplyMaya - Spider Modeling


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    SimplyMaya - Spider Modeling

    مُساهمة  saleh في الخميس ديسمبر 24, 2009 5:03 am

    SimplyMaya - Spider Modeling

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    SimplyMaya - Spider Modeling | ~580MB
    The spider texturing tutorial accompanies the spider modeling tutorial available

    This tutorial covers all the UV`s as well as showing you how to create all the images needed in photoshop - then finally how to apply your textures and add the bump maps for a more skin life realistic look. Finally we move on to a final render setup.

    الروابط : SMSpiderTex.part01.rar SMSpiderTex.part02.rar SMSpiderTex.part03.rar SMSpiderTex.part04.rar SMSpiderTex.part05.rar SMSpiderTex.part06.rar

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