Digital-tutors: Introduction to Modeling in Maya


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    Digital-tutors: Introduction to Modeling in Maya

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    Digital-tutors: Introduction to Modeling in Maya

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    Digital-tutors: Introduction to Modeling in Maya | 1.07 Gb
    Easily learn several modeling techniques and a customizable workflow to modeling in Maya with over 5 hours of project-based training. Great for new and beginning artists.

    Popular highlights include:
    * Overview of Modeling Tools in Maya
    * Introduction to Various Types of Geometry
    * Surface Conversions
    * Proxy Modeling
    * Combining Geometry
    * Mirroring Geometry
    * Incorporating Animation to Modeling Workflow
    * Using a Polygon-to-Subdivision Workflow
    * Principles of Creating Clean Geometry
    * Adding Edge Resolution
    * Working with NURBS Curves, Surfaces, and Trims
    * Naming and Organizing Assets
    * Shader Creation and Assignment
    * Combining and Separating Multiple NURBS Surfaces
    * Manipulating NURBS Seams with Stitch
    * Lofting to Create Geometry using Multiple NURBS Curves
    * Creating Geometry along Paths with NURBS Extrude
    * Manipulating NURBS Parameterization
    * Generating Symmetrical Geometry
    * Extruding to Add Resolution in Specific Areas
    * Adding and Re-routing Edges with Split Polygon Tool
    * Interactively Adding Edges around Objects
    * Building High-res geometry with Low-res Cages
    * Creasing to Change Hardness of Sub-D Edges
    *Reshaping High-res Geometry with Lattice Deformers
    * Creating Interlocking Chain Links with Animated Snapshot
    Lesson Outline:

    1. Introduction and project overview 1:18
    2. Introduction to Polygons 7:49
    3. Introduction to NURBS 8:29
    4. Introduction to Subdivision surfaces 10:49
    5. Hierarchy and workflow 11:04
    6. Project overview 1:52
    7. Setting up image planes 3:05
    8. Beginning the pivot template by creating clean geometry 7:24
    9. Completing the pivot template by adding resolution for subdivision 11:54
    10. Modeling the main body by Mirroring Geometry 5:57
    11. Adding resolution to the body using a Bevel 7:25
    12. Using Extrude to begin building the saw blade 11:52
    13. Finishing out the saw blade layer 12:22
    14. Building a key ring using NURBS curves and trims 10:02
    15. Modeling a screwdriver using Revolve and Extrude 18:07
    16. Using curves and Boundary surfaces to create a knife blade 6:35
    17. Finishing the small knife blade using Attach Surfaces and Stitch 11:32
    18. Building a corkscrew with a primitive and combining with pivot 15:41
    19. Using Subdivision surfaces with creasing to build scissors 13:34
    20. Finishing out the scissors using Subd Proxy 16:26
    21. Modeling a magnifying glass by Extruding along curves 10:35
    22. Completing the magnifying glass by using a Birail 14:00
    23. Creating a can opener using the Cut Faces and Wedge tools 10:57
    24. Finishing the can opener by adding subd resolution 16:04
    25. Starting the large knife blade by converting from NURBS to Polygon 14:45
    26. Adding fingernail indention and hilt to large blade, and finishing out the layer 22:50
    27. Main assembly- putting all the pieces together 11:18
    28. Building a keychain using animation techniques 4:05
    29. Completing the keychain using an Animated Snapshot 9:05
    30. Adding simple shaders 9:37
    31. Conclusion 0:58

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    CD2: DT_IM_cd2_2cdz.7z.001 DT_IM_cd2_2cdz.7z.002 DT_IM_cd2_2cdz.7z.003 DT_IM_cd2_2cdz.7z.004 DT_IM_cd2_2cdz.7z.005 DT_IM_cd2_2cdz.7z.006

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